What Can We Do For You?

The Old Barn is a full service custom countertop fabrication and installation company. That means we are involved with your project from start to finish. We start by making a laser template of your kitchen with the LT-55 XL from Laser Products, ensuring a tight and accurate fit. Next it is back to the shop to hand fabricate your countertop, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship. Finally our team of in house installers will ensure that the level of quality you expect is what you get.

We strive to provide the highest quality materials and the very best workmanship to achieve your desired result. We pay extra attention to every detail so that your project comes out looking the way you envisioned and create it to your design specifications.

Our friendly staff is always available to assist you and provide a prompt response to all your questions. We understand the importance of good communication in building strong long-lasting relationships with our customers. We work with clients from Kitchener & Waterloo, to Tobermory, Southampton and the Blue Mountains.

Our projects include properties in Lora Bay, Cobble Beach, The Best Western Hotel in Kincardine and we partner with many local cabinet makers all around the area. We are available for any project whether large or small, and have the materials and staff available for large, multi-home developments or commercial properties should your project require.